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Josh Groban’s long-awaited Harmony tour kicks off Friday: “We’re really coming out with guns blazing”

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Josh Groban released his album Harmony in 2020, but due to the pandemic, he never got to do a tour. That’s why he’s so excited that his Harmony tour is finally launching Friday night in Detroit. And Josh says the recent variety-style performances he did at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall have had a big influence on how this tour is going to play out.

Those shows featured surprise guests and comedy sketches, in addition to music. “I needed the Radio City kind of structure as a trial to kind of say, ‘Can this work? Can I be all these things in a show and not feel too schizo about it and trying to be too many things?’ And it really did work,” Josh notes.

As a result, Josh says that the tour, which will feature three musical guests, is “going to be eclectic, just like the Radio City shows are eclectic.” There’ll still be plenty of music, though. 

“It’s going to be a celebration of songs we never got to tour off the Harmony album that sounds so beautiful live, a combination of stuff from the last 20 years and then some surprises, stuff I haven’t done before, just like the Radio City show,” he explains.

The “surprises” might even include some new material from the new album Josh has been working on.

“I think we’re probably going to try out some songs … We’ll figure out some cities to kind of surprise fans with some new songs and see how they go,” he teases.

“We’re looser. We’re more grateful. We are really coming out guns blazing,” he adds. “It’s going to be a really fun show.”

The Harmony tour is set to run through the summer, wrapping up at L.A.’s Greek Theater on August 2.

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