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Jonas Brothers do the “Bing Bong” challenge with President Joe Biden

Jonas Brothers In Concert Brooklyn, Ny
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

If you’re tired of hearing the words “bing bong,” just know the Jonas Brothers and President Joe Biden still think it’s hilarious.  They all kept the strange trend alive by joining up for the “Bing Bong” challenge that’s currently taking over TikTok.

The brothers joined President Biden at the White House on Thursday and reenacted the high-octane Sidetalk interview word-for-word — except for the expletives, obviously.  Joe, who is wearing black pajamas, alongside brothers Nick and Kevin — who are both in red velvet suits — go around the White House to act out the challenge.  This also allows fans to see how the Executive Mansion is decked out for the holidays.

The brothers goof off in front of the president’s Christmas tree, the Oval Office and, finally, the White House Library.  The three then break character and excitedly ask, “Did we get it?”

The camera then flips to President Biden, showing he was recording everything on his phone, and he grins, “We got it!”

If you’re wondering if the Jonas Brothers were hanging out at the White House just to rope President Biden into a TikTok trend, think again.  The trio are joining a league of other recording artists to film the upcoming PBS special, In Performance at the White House: Spirit of the Season, which airs next week.

The televised event, which is hosted by Jennifer Garner, will also feature Camila CabelloPentatonixNorah JonesAndrea Bocelli and many others. Each recording artist will perform in an individual room within the White House. The hour-long special airs next Tuesday, December 21, at 8 p.m. ET on PBS.

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