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It’s Not Just You

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It’s not just you; almost no one knows how to pronounce “acai.”

That’s the major takeaway from a recent study conducted by Unscrambled Words, which sought to determine the words, terms or names that Americans are often struggling to pronounce.

It wasn’t just “acai,” of course. The analysts at Unscrambled Words — an online resource for players of word-based games like Scrabble or Words With Friends — have found nine other tongue-twisting terms that Americans seemingly don’t know how to say, based on the average number of monthly Google searches for “How to pronounce [X].”

The complete top-ten list is below, alongside the average monthly number of Google searches for those pronunciations, according to Unscrambled Words. Each term is also hyperlinked to a pronunciation at Merriam-Webster, unless where otherwise indicated.
  1. Acai – 20,400 monthly searches
  2. Gyro – 17,660 monthly searches
  3. Omicron – 15,530 monthly searches
  4. Charcuterie – 15,140 monthly searches
  5. Nguyen (pronunciation via Heritage-Line) – 14,990 monthly searches
  6. Gnocchi – 11,350 monthly searches
  7. GIF – 11,230 monthly searches
  8. Worcestershire – 8,880 monthly searches
  9. Dogecoin (pronunciation via Benzinga) – 7,540 monthly searches
  10. Pho – 7,270 monthly searches

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