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A Message In A Bottle Connects Two Strangers

You hear about finding a message in a bottle in the movies, but for one Florida man that was his reality.

In 1995 a man tossed the bottle into Lake Michigan. Fast-forward 24 years, the bottled washed up on the Florida

Gulf Coast over Memorial Day weekend.

Gary Hendrickson, the man who found it says he noticed one thing when he pulled the note out, it smelled of bourbon.

The note says, ‘Hello, June 16, 1995, Frankfort, Michigan, I’ve tossed this bottle into the water

to bring joy to anyone who finds it, this whiskey bottle was full a few short hours earlier, if you find this call me, and I’ll buy you a drink.’”

When Hendrickson texted the number on the message, it worked and belonged to the man who originally threw the bottle into the water.

Since finding the bottle the two men have been in touch.

Their guess on how it made its way to the Gulf from Lake Michigan, it traveled down the Mississippi River.

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