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It’s a nightmare before Christmas in Lindsey Stirling’s new video for “Snow Waltz”

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Snow Waltz, Lindsey Stirling‘s first all-new album of Christmas music since 2017’s Warmer in the Winter, is out on Friday, and she’s released a video for the title track which manages to combine both the Halloween and the Christmas season.

In the song, Lindsey deliberately set out to combine a Christmas-y feeling with an element of spookiness, to reflect that the album is out in October.  That theme inspired the video, which casts Lindsey and her backup dancers as skeletons frolicking on October 31. As the calendar flips to November 1, they’re all ready to get back in their coffins when all of a sudden, it starts to snow.

The joke is that the snow, and all the other elements of Christmas that suddenly appear — like festive food, decorations and even an adorable puppy with a red ribbon — frighten the bejeezus out of the skeletons. In one scene, Lindsey reads “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” to her fellow skeletons, and when she shows them the illustrations of Santa Claus, they faint in terror.

But by the end of the video, they’re into it: All the skeletons grab a Christmas-related item — including the puppy — and go back into their coffins.

In addition to instrumental interpretations of holiday classics like “Joy to the World,” Snow Waltz also includes vocals by guest artists David Archuleta, pop singer Frawley and hitmaking songwriter Bonnie McKee

Lindsey’s  Snow Waltz Christmas tour kicks off November 17 in Grand Prairie, TX.

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