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It’s a Hot Tub no it’s a Boat

hot tub boat

Hot tub boats are hot tubs that work like boats. Using joy stick to navigate Lake Union.

As fall approaches and temperatures start to drop,

you can still enjoy time on the lake without getting cold thanks to a truly unique vessel:

A Seattle-company called Hot Tub Boats is renting out boats that are also, you guessed it, hot tubs.

And since they only go up to 5 miles per hour,

you only need a driver’s license to rent one.

Each boat has dry storage, so you can bring along snacks and beverages.

You can also play your favorite music thanks to the bluetooth speakers on the boats.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,

Hot Tub Boats has implemented new protocols, according to its website.

Only groups of six people can rent a hot tub boat, and each person has to sign a waiver,

part of which certifies they don’t have a fever or symptoms of illness.

Want to relax in a hot tub on the water?

Rain or shine,

you can rent a hot tub boat here.

Full story: HERE

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