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It Started With a Happy Birthday

She gave it her all and the video went VIRAL

On an episode of Hoda and Jen,  Miranda Joy Willmore, who’s worked at the Cracker Barrel in Illinois,

for nearly 20 years, thought she was on the show to sing “Happy Birthday” to one the TODAY

colleagues, but then Hoda and Jenna revealed the good news that her employer is sending

her and her band to Nashville to record an album.

Willmore was stunned. “That’s so awesome,” she said, wiping tears from her face.

Cracker Barrel will finance the studio recording of an EP for Willmore and her band, U-Foria.

Willmore has been in the Southern rock band for about four years.

While they tour throughout the U.S. and have been working toward the

goal of an EP, they hadn’t been signed yet.

Willmore’s story — and her voice — earned national attention earlier this summer

when she belted out “Happy Birthday” to a customer at Cracker Barrel,

right in the middle of the restaurant.

That customer, Jared Gravatt, then shared a video of the impressive performance on TikTok.

Hoda and Jen

Video: HERE

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