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“It hit me hard”: Josh Groban recovering from COVID just in time for tour

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Many artists have had to postpone shows in the middle of a tour because they or members of their crew tested positive for COVID. But Josh Groban has perfect timing: He just caught COVID about a week and a half ago, which means he’ll be all clear for the start of his Harmony tour on Friday.

He tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that both he and his family tested positive after being “so hyper careful” and after they “outran it for so long.” “It hit me hard,” he admits, though he reassures fans, “I’ve been singing in my apartment and have no issues with breath control.” His family is fine too, he says.

However, Josh is still going to be careful: He’s playing only outdoor venues on the tour. As the singer, who’s vaccinated and boosted, explains, “My lungs are my job and my parents are in their seventies. It’s vitally important to make the most educated risks as possible to make sure we can all still thrive as a society.”

And then there’s the fact that he really enjoys playing outside. “Some of the best times we’ve had on the road have been at beautiful outdoor [venues],” he notes. “There’s nothing better than music under the stars.”

Josh is also excited to perform the songs from his 2020 album, Harmony, to crowds for the first time.

“These were the songs we were recording, the soundtrack that was keeping my head sane, during these awful months [of the pandemic],” he explains. “To be out in beautiful settings, singing songs I didn’t know would be sung at all (live), is really cathartic.” 

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