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Is the State Holding Money That You May Have Forgotten About? Check Here

Check to see if the state is holding money or property that belongs to you, a family member or friend.

Yup, I read a story on that caught my attention:

‘The Department of Revenue says about one in seven Washington residents have unclaimed cash or items being held by the state.’
“Hmmmm” I thought.  Is this a trick or some sort of fishing ad to get to my info?   Nope, site is real.
According to the KING5 story ‘The overwhelming majority of holdings are from old bank accounts or stock options. The state also retains valuables once stored in safety deposit boxes.’

So I checked mine.  Sure enough, while it wasn’t much I had an account with BECU that I needed to open for a used car I purchased 10 years ago.  It was only $5, but hey it was kinda cool when it popped up.   So you’re turn…

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