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Is Sleeping with Your Phone Affecting Your Sleep?

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Nothing feels quite as comforting as sleeping next to your phone.

It’s there to entertain you before bed.

It’s there’s to play soothing rain sounds.

And it’s there to wake you up in the morning.

But for all the positives that hunk of metal brings, as it gently rests on your pillow or nightstand, there are all sorts of negative ways having your phone next to you impacts your sleep.

There are so many studies that have shown how using your phone right before bed tends to lead to sleep issues, including making it tricky to fall asleep.

Having your phone nearby when you’re falling asleep also makes it more likely you’ll take a quick look at work emails, get caught up in a group text, or fall down a news rabbit hole.

But even worse, according to studies, is that pesky blue light coming from the screen.

But even if you’re someone who doesn’t really look at their phone much at night, simply having it nearby can still be enough to disturb sleep.

Should it buzz or ring, it’ll alert your body to wake up, rather than to relax into a peaceful sleep,

Despite the stress, light, and noise, you still have to admit there are quite a few perks of having your phone nearby at night. Phones have alarms to make sure you wake up on time and you get emergency messages right away,

“This is where the ‘compromise’ comes in,

To get these perks, you may want to keep your phone in the same room,  but at a distance where you can’t reach it from bed.

This will prevent you from reaching out and checking it at night, which is guaranteed to wake you up.

And it’ll make it less likely that any light stays out of your eyes.

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