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Is My Pet too HOT?

Panting dog


It is quite easy to tell when your dog is overheated. Dr. Simon recommends watching out for ‘panting, glazed eyes, red gums and a reluctance to run.’

Jackson says that ‘Signs of heat stroke in dogs include bright red gums, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive panting, elevated heart rate and temperature (103 degrees F)’ noting that heatstroke in smaller animals is also very serious and needs to be looked out for ‘Heat stroke in hamsters is very serious as they are very sensitive to heat.’

Cats can be trickier. They have evolved not to show pain or illness, so they may seem normal when they’re actually not feeling well. The best way to tell if your cat is too hot is to check if they’re dehydrated. To check a cat for dehydration:

  • Check their nose and gums. Both should be moist.
  • Do the skin pinch test:  take a small area of skin on your cat’s neck and gently pinch it. In a well-hydrated cat, the skin should snap back into place immediately. If this doesn’t happen, your cat needs more water and to be kept in a cooler space.

To help pets beat the heat provide plenty of water.

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