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Is Bam Bam About Shawn Mendez

“You said you hated the ocean but you’re surfin’ now.”

Camila Cabello‘s new song “Bam Bam” is not set to debut until March 4, but she teased a clip of the song on TikTok this weekend and fans have some suspicions!

Fans believe just from the clip Camila uploaded that the song could possibly be about her ex boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

One of the lyrics Camila sings is, “You said you hated the ocean but you’re surfin’ now.” Just after Shawn and Camila‘s breakup in November of 2021, Shawn was photographed surfing. Shawn previously said in interviews that his “biggest fear is deep water,” leading fans to believe this line is about him.

Another line in the song is, “I said I’d love you for life but I just sold our house.” Well, Camila just sold her Los Angeles home in December of 2021. Another line has Camila singing, “We were kids at the start, I guess we’re grown ups now.” Camila and Shawn have known each other for years after touring together in 2014 and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 2015.

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