Ingredient Household or Snack?

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When you came home from school as a kid, would you run to the pantry and grab the nearest box of goodies?

Or were you forced to assemble a makeshift snack using the ingredients you had lying around? If you know the latter all too well, you may have grown up in an ingredient household.

According to TikTok, there are two types of households in this world: snack households and ingredient households.

Those who lived in a “snack household” likely had pre-made snacks or packaged treats ready at their disposal — Little Debbie sweets, Oreo cookies, Cheez-It crackers, you name it.

But if you lived in an “ingredient household,” the only way you could enjoy a snack at home is if you made one using different, well, ingredients. Nothing was prepared ahead of time, and let’s be real: the end result was never a snack you actually wanted.

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