Indonesia hiring “ghosts” to keep people inside amid COVID-19 pandemic

Indonesia hiring “ghosts” to keep people inside amid COVID-19 pandemic

SolStock/iStock(JAKARTA) — Indonesian leaders have resisted calling for a national lockdown, despite an alarming number of COVID-19 cases, opting instead to use information campaigns that gently urge individuals to practice social distancing and good hygiene.

One community in Indonesia’s capital OF Jakarta, however, has taken matters into its own hands, employing ghosts and ghouls to keep people inside, according to

A youth group in the village of Kepuh, in central Java, has reportedly recruited volunteers dressed as ghosts to patrol the streets, hoping that the sight of them would send the notoriously superstitious residents fleeing back to their homes.

While it’s worked for some, the plan hasn’t been a complete success, as others have actually come outside to try and catch a glimpse of the actors.

The community has since countered by launching surprise patrols so people can’t predict where a sighting will occur.

Oh, and there’s one other potential drawback to the plan, as one resident points out: “Do you know that now in Indonesia coronavirus spread among ghosts because they stay outside?”

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