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In Sickness and in Health

Two geese couldn’t stand to be separated after an injury left one of them in need of medical care.

Staff at the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable noticed one of a pair of wild geese

limping and falling over after being hurt by a snapping turtle.

They discovered two fractures on his foot, requiring surgery.

But they didn’t expect what happened next as they prepared to sedate the goose they named Arnold.

Zak Mertz, executive director of the Cape Wildlife Center says:

“We heard sort of a faint tapping at the front door.

We turned and were all pretty shocked to see his mate had walked up

to the porch and was furiously trying to get into the clinic,”

  “I kid you not, she stood there the entire time and actually watched the

procedure going on. Was really watching him like a hawk. Or like a goose, I guess.”

Forty-five minutes later, with the surgery complete, they moved Arnold right in front

of the door as they gave him oxygen.

When Arnold fully woke up, his mate began grooming him.

Arnold should be able to live normally in a few weeks.

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