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If you feel like putting a little extra effort into your Super Bowl snacks, here’s the nacho recipe for you!

Let’s be honest — the quick and easy way to make nachos is to throw a little shredded Mexican cheese out of a bag onto a pile of chips, heat it up and call it good. But this weekend’s different — it’s the Super Bowl! Time to up your game just a little bit!

There are tons of game-day recipes all over the internet, and in fact all over this blog. No doubt any extra effort you put into your party platter will be appreciated by whoever’s joining you for the game. So if you have the time, how about taking your nachos to the next level for this year’s game? These guys from Calexico, a Mexican joint in Brooklyn, have a pretty easy recipe for some nachos that seem as if they’ll blow the usual stuff right off the plate. I mean, come on — FOUR CHEESES? And one of ’em’s Velveeta? Yes, please.

I have to be honest with you — cooking is definitely not my strong suit. But I’m pretty sure even a culinary klutz like me could pull this one off. Watch this video and see if you think you’re ready to take a giant step forward and upgrade your Super Bowl snacks:

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