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If You Can Imagine It You Can Achieve It


The weather is the biggest news this week as the Pacific Northwest

and the South were gripped in snow-and-ice storms leaving millions without power and water.

Coach Laurie, Anna, and Claire discuss how people in Texas still need help with basic needs;

if you’d like to help you can go to this website.

Anna feels the need to apologize for something that came up during

our discussion of Britney Spears last week,

but meanwhile there are more documentaries about Britney on the way!

It’s been an incredible week for NASA as the Perseverance rover has landed on Mars to begin

its search for microbial life in a multibillion-year-old Martian lake bed.

And for the love of all that is Holy, if you take just one thing away from our podcast this week,

it’s this: don’t put Gorilla Glue on your head!

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