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If this little movie doesn’t make you think twice about texting and driving, nothing will

It’s part of a campaign called “It Can Wait,” and if you’ve ever picked up your phone while you’re cruising down a street — especially with a kid in the car — it should open your eyes. In Close to Home, we meet six different characters on a perfectly average day. Their lives are changed forever by the consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving.

For me, the hardest part about watching that is admitting that I’ve checked my phone behind the wheel with my son in the car seat. You think that seat’s going to protect your kid, but in a crash like the one in the video, it’s hard to picture a kid surviving that kind of violent trauma. Scary.

As part of this campaign, AT&T has started offering a free app called DriveMode. This app:

  . . . silences incoming text message alerts so you can keep your eyes on the road and stay focused while driving. For AT&T post-paid customers, it sends an auto-reply letting the sender know you’re behind the wheel. The app turns on automatically when you’re driving 15 MPH or more and turns off shortly after you stop. Parents with young drivers can receive a text message if the app is turned off.

Read more about it and grab the app here.


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