If Paula Abdul Sees Her Shadow, What Do We Get For Six More Weeks?


Claire is moving and has to do some serious downsizing of the possessions

she’s been hauling around for years;

Coach Laurie and Anna D help her decide what to keep and what to toss;

like, what if all those Pokémon cards weren’t just a fad

and are actually worth something?!?!

Plus, Country Star Morgan Wallen once again finds himself in a public firestorm,

but this time he may not be able to apologize his way out of it.

At the same time, Country Star TJ Osborne has come out as gay

in a Country Music world that is evolving.

And the “Big Game” is this Sunday! Who are you rooting for?

How will the much-anticipated ads be different this year?

And hey, Weeknd, uhh, what’s with the Bandages?

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