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Idina Menzel shares her hopes for Elsa should ‘Frozen 3’ happen

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Idina Menzel hopes to see Elsa find a significant other — if Disney decides to give the Frozen franchise a third movie.

Speaking with People, the Broadway legend spoke about her hopes for the character she voices. “I love that she was unconventional in that she didn’t need a prince to save the day and that it was a story about sisters,” she began before revealing what she wants Elsa to get in the potential third installment.

Said Menzel, “I would love her now — finally — in Frozen 3 to have a partner in life.” The actress added she is conflicted about what kind of person Elsa would romantically pursue.

“It’s hard for me to say,” she offered. “Because then I do love the fact that she’s just powerful on her own … I’m on the fence.”

Disney introduced the world to Frozen, its adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale The Snow Queen, in 2013. The movie, which also starred Kristen Bell as Elsa’s sister, Anna, became a global hit and amassed $1.28 billion at the box office.  

Disney greenlit a sequel and, in 2019, Frozen 2 hit theaters and made an even bigger impression in the global box office — earning a whopping $1.45 billion. 

It is unknown at this time if Menzel, Bell and the rest of the Frozen gang will return for a third film.

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