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I’d Like to Order an Angel Shot

Little-known secret — your bartender could also be your guardian angel.

Content creators are going viral for sharing an underground pour: the “angel shot.”

The secret order first gained traction back in 2016 — when a St. Petersburg restaurant coined the “rescue signal” to help women who felt unsafe. (Just before the COVID pandemic dropped a bomb on bars, the covert cocktail was reborn as the “owl shot” in the Sunshine State.)

Fast-forward to August 2022: The hashtag #angelshot has suddenly garnered more than 142 million views on TikTok, with now-viral clips of bartenders and regular bar-goers educating users on how to keep people safe.

One barkeep, who goes by @Call_Me_Cookem on the video-streaming app, explained how ordering an “angel shot” works as a secret request for help.

“An angel shot is a way of asking for help from a bartender, a bouncer, a manager, someone at a restaurant without directly saying it,” he said in the clip with over 387,000 views, explaining that the benefit of talking “in code” can keep the situation from getting worse. “Because in the end, the number one priority is making sure that you’re safe.”

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