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“I realize how stupid and silly I was”: Michael Bublé reflects on his idealism when starting out

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Michael Bublé is reflecting on his early ambitions and realizes he may have been wearing rose-colored glasses.

Speaking with Variety, the hitmaker says, “I realize how stupid and silly I was … I was so very sure. I felt like, if I just set a plan, and took it day by day and stayed true to myself, and hopefully built up a team around me that loved me and believed in me, that I would somehow get to this point.”

By that, he means the point where he is now in his career.

“In hindsight, I realize how unbelievably lucky I have been,” Michael continued. “I don’t care how much talent you have, there are so many dominoes that have to fall in a perfect way for you to have that sort of dream come true.”

Michael says he was met by a series of “no thanks” from labels, producers and managers. “All of them, at many different points, each of them said the exact same thing to me: ‘You are a really great kid. You’re very talented. But I just wouldn’t know what to do with you. And the answer for us is no,'” he recalled.

Michael was also rejected by “each and every” record company, adding, “They were also kind enough to give me a swift boot out the door.”

But the singer said he enjoyed the challenge: “Every step for me was another opportunity to change that person’s mind or to maybe make that person see what the other hadn’t.”

Michael challenged himself to get better, with the hope that one day, “Somebody [would] sit back and say: ‘We gotta get this kid because he’s the real deal.'”

The singer recently released his 11th album, Higher. He’s won five Grammy Awards.

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