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I Love Cereal!

Before phones and tablets they had the best games and entertainment on the back of a cereal box.  The strong technique you employed to get the prize out of the box showed off your problem solving skills.  I LOVE cereal… but this MIGHT be taking it a bit too far though.

I was NEVER allowed the sugary cereal when I was a kid.  I got Puffed Wheat instead of Honey Smacks, Shredded Wheat instead of Frosted Mini Wheats and Maltex instead of Lucky Charms.  Maltex was a disgusting hot wheat cereal that got so “goopy” I could hardly look at it let alone consume it.  But Mom said “it’s healthy”.  Yeah… that’ll really sell a kid.

Side bar:  I went to high school with the kid whose great grandfather invented Maltex.  He was a typical rich kid dope.  I love rich people… they worked hard to bring something to the world.  Their kids and grandkids however… most of the time: yuck.  So when this kid got hammered on peach schnapps after graduation and started running his mouth it was fun to put him in his place.  Years of pent up, forced upon me Maltex, anger bubbled to the surface.  Not a proud moment but I am writing about it, soooooo… ha, ha, ha.

I swear my first act of rebellion as a teenager was secretly buying, hoarding and hiding the “good cereal”.  Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios, FROSTED FLAKES!  It was liberating.    I never took the really big plunge into super diabetes like Boo Berry, Cookie Crisp or Fruit Loops though and I regret that.

But now that there’s Druckstick Ice Cream cereal… I may have to put on my “rebel hat” and give it a sample.  Look out society, Seth is on the cereal prowl.

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