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I Hate it When That Happens

Mom: Ruben? What is on your head? Ruben: It’s a toilet seat on my head!!!

Potty training took a real turn for the worse for one Florida 2-year-old.

Dad Jake, 27, is called home to help:

“Is it at least clean?” he asks his wife. (It was, she replies in the video.)

First the family tries oiling up the seat to see if it could slip off.

But when the oil trick does’t work, Jake busts out the hacksaw.

The video zooms in as poor Reuben tries his very hardest to hold still (allot of blikning going on)

and keep his head away from the trajectory of the saw as his dad works his

way through the plastic until it could be opened up.

Finally, after several seconds, Jake frees his son from the potty pickle.

Full Story oh yeah, and video: HERE

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