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Be Careful With Your ‘I Am’ Statements.

 When we say things about ourselves our brain is programmed to believe them.

So you need to be careful with your words and thoughts.

For instance, if you are saying “I am broke” or “I am lonely”

or “I am so depressed” our subconscious mind will help us live up to those

expectations of ourselves even when those expectations aren’t what we really want.

Instead of saying “I Am” to describe something that isn’t how you

want it to be, change the language to “In the past…”

“In the past I was so depressed, but wonderful things are happening now…”

“I Am” is a permanent condition. “In the past” opens you up to the

belief that the future could be different.

This simple language tweak will give your subconscious mind permission

to work on new solutions to old problems.

After all, the problem is in the past.

If you want to improve your life even more, start using

“I Am” positive statements daily.

I am confident, I am loved, I am financially secure“.

Say them often and they will be accepted by your subconscious mind which will then help execute the “orders”.

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