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Hunks Help Domestic Violence Victims

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COVID-19 quarantine life, is showing an uptick in domestic violence incidents.

With families sheltering in place, it’s become increasingly difficult for

domestic violence victims to escape from their situations and seek help.

According to a report in the The New York Times, victims are more prone to physical

violence as well as other kinds of abusive behavior such as isolating the victim

from friends, family, and employment,

“constant surveillance;

strict, detailed rules for behavior; and restrictions on access to basic necessities.”

“As a Purpose-Driven, Socially-Conscious national moving and junk removal company,

HUNKS,  stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service,

consider themselves a socially conscious organization and have a national

partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere.

we want to help our communities and neighbors during these unique times,

while also staying in business as an essential service,” Friedman said.

Here’s how it works. A certified domestic violence shelter needs to approve any victims

requesting a free move to ensure that the victim is supported throughout the transition

as well as for the safety of the moving team and victim.

Anyone in a domestic violence situation should first contact the police or a

domestic violence shelter immediately.

The shelter will contact HUNKS at

and the movers will make themselves available and help coordinate.

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