How to Speak to Gen Z

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The Ultimate Slang Word List Revealed

OK, boomers — it’s time to get fluent in Gen Z.

The younger generation’s head-scratching lingo is befuddling elder coworkers as it seeps into Slack channels and Team chats across the nation.

Born between the years of 1997 and 2012, Zoomers have shaken up the corporate world by introducing their chronically online colloquialisms in the workplace, prompting the uninitiated to surf the web for a definition.

In the US, Google searches for “Gen Z slang” are up 123% and curiosity about “Gen Z words” has increased by 86%, according to data from communication and growth firm Movchan Agency.

“It’s truly amazing how our generation has developed its unique vernacular, incorporating phrases and emojis that have become widely recognized slang around the globe,” the agency’s PR manager, Emily Goldstein, said in a statement.

Now, a class in Zoomer-speak is in session


To serve


It’s giving


Menty b




It’s sending me

The brain isn’t braining

Common W or L

No cap


Full Story and definitions: HERE 

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