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How to Modernize “Old Lady Names” for Your Baby

Portrait Photography Sleeping Newborn Baby.

If you’re an expectant parent who’s looking for a unique baby name, know that vintage names are apparently back in style.

First of all, I had no idea there was such a thing as a baby name consultant!!

Jenn Ficarra, is a baby name consultant and founder of Nom De Bloom, has gone viral after sharing what she called “old-lady” names — and giving those names cool, modern twists.

She said she attaches this trend to the phrase “vintage maximalism.”

Some of the names she highlighted in her viral TikTok video include Beatrice, Elizabeth, Theodora and Philippa.

Beatrice can turn into “Bea” — while Elizabeth can be “Birdie,” “Betty” or “Liz.”

Traditional names such as Theodora can quickly become modern with a more masculine nickname, “Teddy,” while Philippa can turn into “Pippa.”

Short names were leading the trends for a while, but that seems to have gone by the wayside as these old-school names are coming back.

The longer names are “that perfect combination of vintage maximalist [and] they offer fun nicknames,” she said.

There is a newfound sense of versatility and individualism that comes with the old-school, vintage names that people have not fully tapped into until now.


Full Story and Video: HERE

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