How to make Valentine’s Day mean more than just a card and some flowers

Okay, this may be a little touchy-feely, but it’s worth thinking about this Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, in some ways the holiday is all about buying a card, a bouquet of roses, and heart-shaped box of chocolates, and calling it good. Nothing wrong with all of that . . . . but maybe there’s a way to think a little bigger on Valentine’s Day, and expand your expression of love beyond your husband, wife, or significant other.

Here’s what it says in a Huffington Post story:

Valentine’s Day does not have to be about your one and only — that’s the traditional way, but it’s limited. What if Valentine’s Day was a time to celebrate LOVE and the many ways it can show up? Here are seven easy ideas to expand the feeling of love. How many can you take on?

A few of their suggestions: Do something nice for yourself. Remember someone far away. Express love to a pet. Practice Guerrilla love. Give some love to where you are. Love your life wholeheartedly.

What exactly are they talking about? Check out the whole story (it’s a quick read) here.


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