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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your kids

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When you become a parent, Valentine’s Day often shifts from being a lovefest with your partner or a night out with your girlfriends to an evening at home with your kids.
Instead of fretting over finding a babysitter so you can hold on to the romantic dinners out you had when you were child-free, you can use the holiday as an opportunity to teach your little ones about love and affection.
“I don’t want my children to equate Valentine’s Day only to having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I want them to create moments of love, whether it’s with their family, their friends or in a relationship,” says Simona Noce Wright, co-founder of District Motherhued, a community for millennial moms of color.

Instead of (or in addition to) scheduling a dinner date or buying chocolates and flowers for your significant other, consider showering your children with a dose of extra attention this Valentine’s Day. Here are ways you can rethink your celebration at home with your kids, whether they’re toddlers, school-aged children or young adults.

Coordinate outfits

 Share your love story

Make cards

 Play themed games

 Create an at-home restaurant

Spread the love

In lieu of one elaborate celebration, Brown suggests planning a “five-days-of-love countdown” centered around Gary Chapman’s five love languages. She says these “smaller, more intimate” activities could include an at-home spa experience to represent physical touch, a scavenger hunt with notes for words of affirmation, meal preparation for an act of service and a day (or a few hours) without electronics for quality time. On the last day, Valentine’s Day, have a gift exchange.

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