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How Much Would You Spend To Look Like Meghan Markle?

At least two women have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle.  Click for pictures and tell me if they should get their money back.

They’re mothers too…

That’s a subtle dig at “a college fund might have been a better investment”.  Attractive women to begin with too, crazy, but attractive. So is this a social media is ruining the world thing again?  Are they victims of the “judgey” world of Instagram forced into drastic, irreversible, life altering  changes to their face and body to satisfy their craving for more followers?  I was snickering a bit typing that last line.

I sincerely hope out of all that money spent they saved a couple a’ grand for therapy too.  Intensive therapy.

To steal a line from Bruno Mars:  We love you just the way you are.

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