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How long will your food actually last before it goes bad? Here’s everything you need to know

Ever reach w-a-a-a-y back in your fridge, pull out a plastic-wrapped package of meat, and ask yourself, “Hmm — I wonder if these pork chops are still good?” That’s not a question you want to answer incorrectly. Well, just to keep you and your family safe and nausea-free, I found a handy chart that tells you just how long stuff will keep in your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. (BTW you can keep those uncooked pork chops for 3-5 days before you need to worry.)

I was surprised to learn that uncooked lasagna noodles are okay to eat after 3 years on the pantry shelf (I’m a little skeptical of that one.) An opened jar of peanut butter is good for 3 months, whether you keep in in the fridge or in the cupboard — it really doesn’t matter. Honey stays good forever. And you can keep uncooked chicken in your freezer for 9 months. (Seriously? Do you want to eat chicken that you stuck in the freezer around last Thanksgiving? I guess it’s okay, but . . . not sure I want to try that.)

You can check out the whole handy chart here. Maybe even print it and stick it on the door of the fridge. Bon appetit!

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