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How About A Heart Shaped Box Of Cheddar Biscuits From Red Lobster For Valentines Day?

Credit: YouTube

Not to be outdone by the Olive Garden’s Bouquet of Breadsticks…food=love!

Food is THE #1 way to my heart so I get this!

Red Lobster is making its biscuit boxes available Feb. 10 for anyone looking to lavish their “cheddar baes” with a box of chain-restaurant biscuits.

To obtain some, customers need only order a half-dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits from RedLobster.com for either pickup or delivery, and select the option to have them packaged in a heart-shaped box for an additional $1.

You’d better act fast, though: Red Lobster’s limited-edition boxes are only available while supplies last. However, anyone who misses out can likely gift their sweetheart with the same biscuits in the more traditional take-out bag, because the person receiving biscuits for Valentine’s Day probably isn’t going to fuss over a heart-shaped box. (Check out how to make your own in the video)



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