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HOT DOG! The JOB of YOUR Dreams Awaits [DRIVE THE OSCAR MAYER Wiener Mobile]

Hawt Dawg, the job of your dreams is casting! Maybe…If your dreams involve hot dogs on wheels. Mine do.

Oscar Mayer is looking to contract a Wiener Mobile Driver. Although, your official title will be “Hotdogger”

  • Have dreams of cross-county travel?
  • Love Whimsy?
  • Enjoy making people smile?
  • Want some fame/celebrity?

This may as well be a job in entertainment, considering you’ll be “going on tour.” Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to say goodbye and thank the ‘little people’ in your life. The job doesn’t start till June.

Imagine being the STAR of OM’s IG. You’ll be checking in with 17.6k people, attending charity events and conducting interviews. I mean, forget YouTube…You can be the star of TubeSteak.

INFO on a “Job You Can Relish” (their words).

Good luck! I’ll be cheering you on.




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