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Horses Can Walk on Water

A beautiful optical illusion.

A mind-bending video that shows two wild horses “walking on water” is sending social media into a frenzy.

The viral clip was recorded by Kelli Rogers last month while she was paddleboarding with her two grandchildren on the Salt River in Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

During the expedition, the intrepid nana noticed the two majestic animals standing in the shallows of the river and whipped out her phone to film them.

Rogers was left stunned when she watched the footage back and saw that the horses appeared to be floating along the surface of the water.

“It gives the illusion that they [the horses] were the ones floating or paddle boarding, not us,” Rogers told Kennedy News.

The 58-year-old decided to share the optical illusion video on social media, where it quickly went viral, racking up 8.3 million views on TikTok alone. The footage also inspired hundreds of humorous comments.

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