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Weird holiday snacks that sound gross but kind of good

The holidays are a great time to show off your culinary skills, or get fancy and splurge on a custom apple pie. And for some of us, we like to stick to the holiday basics, i.e. eggnog, pumpkin, peppermint, gingerbread, stuffing, the works.

Oddly, there’s a few snacks on the market that you may think twice about before buying this holiday season though.

Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry Lemonade

Boozy beverages and desert sound pretty good together, right? Well Mike’s Hard Lemonade thought so, and combined them into one bottle. Hard to find in the U.S., it’s a different spin on the lemonade makers’ Black Cherry Lemonade flavor, and fit the bill for holiday drink lovers.

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

If you grew up in the ’90s or early 2000s, you probably begged your parents to buy you one of two desert breakfast items: Toaster Struddles or Pop Tarts. Pumpkin might of sounded weird as a kid, but as an adult, they sound delicious. Still the on-the-go treat, but perfect for the holiday season when a slice of pie sounds like too much work.

McDonald’s Sweet Potato Pies

Nothing says fast food and the holidays like stuffing yams into a portable, desert bun. McDonalds, famous for it’s Apple and Cherry Turnovers (aka pies), took the genious of grandma’s yams to the fast food market. Oddly, it’s not the weirdest desert menu item McDonald’s has concocted.

White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles

Pringles, the infamous on-the-go, tube of chips, left no spare idea for the holiday season flavor category. Sounds delicious, but so did Grilled Prawn flavored Pringles to the chip geniuses. These minty-chocolatey dusted chips were meant to grab consumers eye, says Kellogg’s brand manager.  “We believe shoppers will stop in their tracks when they see sweet Pringles and won’t be able to resist trying them – especially as consumers are more receptive to new and different flavours at Christmas in particular,” Laura Sutcliffe said in  2013 interview after the chips’ UK debut.

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