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Henry Winkler was starstruck when he met Sia, Bruno Mars

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You’d think a legendary actor such as Harry Winkler would never get starstruck, but you’d be mistaken. He was rendered speechless when he crossed paths with Sia and Bruno Mars.

The Fonz revealed to People he was overcome with the urge to hug the “Chandelier” singer when he bumped into her at a Whole Foods supermarket. 

“I don’t know what she looks like … because you only see her with that wig covering her face,” he recalled. “I tweet about her all the time. And all of a sudden this incredible young lady comes running up to me. She said, ‘I’m Sia.'”

The Happy Days star said he had a total fanboy moment and told her, “I need to hug you!” He added of the chance run-in, “It was thrilling. I’m telling you, I was thrilled!” 

When talking about meeting Bruno, Winkler said he chased after him so he could get a picture. “I was at Sirius Radio doing an interview in the glass booth, in the center of the lobby,” he recalled. “He walked by, and I said to the young men who were interviewing me and the audience, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be right back. There’s Bruno.'”

The 76-year-old actor said he chased after the singer, adding, “And we took a picture together, which I have, signed, on my wall.”

“He then sent me a very, very expensive bottle — in the most beautiful leather box — of cognac,” he raved, adding Bruno “signed” the bottle.

As for the other celebrities on Winkler’s to-meet list, he hopes to run into Brandi Carlile and “shake her hand.”

The acting legend adds that he has a deep appreciation for artists and joked, “Like if there’s such a thing as reincarnation, I’m coming back as Bruce Springsteen.”

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