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Help Replenish The Blood Supply

Give Blood - Words And Cells
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Blood banks around the Seattle area are asking for people to help replenish the local blood supply.

In fact, those with Bloodworks Northwest feared they wouldn’t have enough supply to treat the seven shooting victims.

“When I heard about the shootings, the first thing I said to myself was, ‘I’m not sure the blood supply can handle multiple victims,’ ”

said Vicki Finson, Executive Vice President for Blood Works.

Officials say blood inventory levels reached emergency levels due to high usage combined with significantly decreased donations

during last week’s snow and wintry weather in the Seattle area.

While there was enough blood for the victims Wednesday, Finson says it was too close for comfort.

She’s now calling on more people to donate, especially those with Type O blood, which is most commonly used in situations

like mass shootings.

But blood donors of all types in all geographies are needed now, officials said.

There are several donation centers open around Western Washington.

“Events like (Wednesday) night emphasize that donors are needed every day so our community is safely prepared to save lives,”

says John Yeager with Bloodworks Northwest. “If we don’t have the blood, patients’ care would be impacted.”

Yeager says they need 900 donors every day but “right now, we need 1,500 donors a day to replenish emergency levels.”

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