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Another Reason to Read Out Loud to Your Kids

Young Mother And Preteen Daughter Relax On Carpet Read Book

A new study suggests reading aloud helps to ease the effects of trauma.

The pandemic has upended life as we know it and researchers say the people most affected were those barely able to fully understand the crisis — children. 

However, a new study suggests reading aloud helps to ease the effects of trauma.

Researchers from the University of South Australia found reading aloud tripled a child’s resilience, especially for those who experience maltreatment.

Children who experience abuse and neglect are developmentally more vulnerable than their peers at school. While reading leisurely has been strongly associated with greater success in school, the current study is the first to expand the benefits of reading in lessening the effects of child maltreatment. The findings also show that reading before children start school is a key factor for success.

Understanding what can help young children become more resilient can help in forming treatments or interventions for victims of child abuse. Prof. Segal explains the benefit comes from a shared experience between parent and child. Additionally, it enhances child development with early exposure to words and stories.

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