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Hello I’m Seth… and I Like Warm Hugs

So… Ya think it got crazy cold for early October HERE this week.  Be VERY happy you don’t live in Denver Colorado where temps dropped 64 degrees in ONE day!

I’d like to take this “Frozen” opportunity to remind you… Listen, text and win FREE Frozen The Live Musical tickets  at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 Monday through Friday 10/14 through 10/18!

Sorry Elsa… The cold DOES bother us.

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Warm 106.9 now has an honest to goodness live teddy bear in the morning. Seth is a 13 year resident of south Snohomish County and loves his family (wife, 6 year old son, Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and fat old man cat) mountains, water and all things TASTY!