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Hear Five for Fighting’s ode to Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy, “Can One Man Save the World”

Courtesy of Five for Fighting

In his 2006 single “World,” Five for Fighting‘s John Ondrasik asked, “What kind of world do you want?” Now, in a new song, he’s asking, “Can One Man Save the World?”

In this case, that “one man” is Ukrainian president Zelenskyy, who has earned the admiration of many since the Russian invasion.  In a statement, John says, “Like so many of you, I have been inspired and in awe of Pres. Zelenskyy, his wife Olena, and the Ukrainian people since Putin’s invasion. Their courage and determination in the face of the Russian onslaught gives hope and fortitude to all freedom-loving people.”

“Who is this comedian/This steel that is Ukrainian?” John sings of Zelenskyy, who actually used to be a comedian.  “Can one man save the world/In a thousand years/will they say your name/Or is this all in vain?”

“In Zelenskyy, I sense we are witnessing a modern-day Winston Churchill, but will he get the support he desperately needs to deter Putin’s cold war ambitions?” John adds in a statement. “It makes you ask yourself: ‘Can One Man Save The World?

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