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Headed to the airport?

If you thought the dirtiest place in an airport was the heavily trafficked restrooms, we ‘re gonna need you to think again.

Turns out the plastic bins at security are the germiest things in the airport!

Think about it- you take off your shoes; those same shoes you wore while trudging along the germy bathroom floor; and place them in those bins… next to your cell phones, wallets, purses and jackets. Yuck, right?!?!?

A new study says the plastic bins used for shoes, liquids and carry-ons are a hotbed for viruses! In fact, viruses were found in half of the samples taken from security trays. 

To help stop the spread of germs, travelers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands thoroughly and frequently.

From now on the first stop after the airport with by a lysol bath!

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