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Having trouble sleeping? Maybe your feet can help

If you think you’ve tried everything and you still can’t fall asleep at night, maybe your feet are your ticket to dreamland.

A few months ago, I passed along the “4-7-8 Breathing Technique” which is supposed to help you fall asleep in 60 seconds. I’ve had pretty good luck with it, and I’ve heard from listeners who tried it and liked it, too.

But according to science, the simple key to a good night’s sleep might be at the other end of your body: Your feet. This little tutorial explains:

The bottoms of your feet contain blood vessels right below the skin surface. When exposed to cool air, this will lower your body temperature, making you sleepy. So stick a foot (or both) out of the covers and sleep better.

Watch the video here, and let me know if it works for you!

The only problem right now around here is that we’re having another heat wave this week. It doesn’t matter where you put your foot — it’s not going to be cool anywhere in your bedroom!

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