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Have You Ever Been Catfished?

Text Message With Mobile Phone. Woman Texting Sms With Smartphon

Or are you worried a friend is being catfished?

Here are some signs to help you from getting “caught”

Be mindful of what you are sharing with your social media feed. Scammers analyze your interests and hobbies to formulate better a romantic interest that will tug on your heartstrings.

Analyze the social media profiles of every love interest. They probably are a scammer if they have seemingly genuine photos and interests but have created their profile in the last year and have few followers. Use reverse image search tools to find out if their pictures appear anywhere else on the web. Heck, you might even contact the real person in their photos!

Excuses are a red flag for online dating. People looking for a real connection will make dating and communication a priority. If a person is constantly making excuses for not being able to video chat or meet in person, it’s time to start swiping again.

Bad grammar is common for scammers, although not exclusive to them. Many scammers operate from other countries, either using English as a second language or using a translating app.

Never share money, personal information, or explicit photos with someone you have yet to meet in person.

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The FBI and FTC urge the public to proceed with caution while dating online, scrutinizing every dating match. Take a look at these helpful guidelines to ensure your assets are not contributing to next year’s Internet Crime Report.

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