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Have 2017 Goals?

I’m not a big fan of the “New Year’s Resolution”.

However, if YOU have good luck with them…Keep going! I’m cheering you on 🙂

I decided 2017 would be all about “Check-ins” for me. On the 1st of every month, I’d evaluate my goals and be honest with myself on my progress towards reaching them.

So far, it’s working well. I thought I’d share the concept with you. Revisit the goals you had last month. Then do it again in March. Repeat in April. See what happens, and let me know if this tactic works for you, like it has for me!

Some of my goals:

  1. Attend more Yoga classes. (For the first half of 2016 I went everyday…Then life happened. I want my Yoga body back.)
  2. Read more. (I’ve already read more in the first 2 weeks of January and the first 2 weeks of February than I did last year. Sad, but true.)
  3. Eat better. (Similar to Yoga, I spent the first half of last year very focused on properly fueling my body. I felt better. I want that again.)

Maybe your check ins will only help you the first week of each month. That’s ok. In fact, it’s awesome. That’s 12 weeks of progress in 2017 that you might not have otherwise had 🙂

Good luck!




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