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Harry Styles faces new musical challenge on ‘The First Take’

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Harry Styles is being challenged to sing a song from start to finish — making no mistakes — on his first and only try on the Japanese YouTube competition series, The First Take.

A teaser was posted to the show’s Twitter, which showed the “As It Was” singer walking toward a lone microphone and putting on his headphones. Harry’s expression is neutral in the clip, so it isn’t known if he’s feeling intimidated or confident.

It is also a mystery what song Harry will sing, but this series appears to be right up the Grammy winner’s alley, as he’s frequently expressed his intent to be as authentic as possible. Basically, the show was made in opposition of artists using different effects to enhance their vocals and appearance.

In an introductory video, the series explains, “Lip-syncing, vocal effects, visual effects and excessive staging — that’s the reality of music we enjoy today. Real music can get lost in the noise, all filtered in some way, shape or form. So we thought, ‘How can we deliver unfiltered music in its rawest form?'”

Artists are challenged to sing a song of their choice from start to finish, and fans will get to hear their real voice untouched by any effects or retakes. If an artist misses a note or their voice breaks — fans will definitely hear it.

Harry’s episode premieres Monday, June 13, at 9 a.m. ET on The First Take‘s YouTube channel.  

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