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Harry Styles drops “Late Night Talking” music video

Columbia Records

Harry Styles‘ “Late Night Talking” music video is finally here.

The video opens with Harry waking up in his bed and reaching over for someone, only to realize the space next to him is empty. He then sees a pile of clothes on top of his speaker and begins searching around his bed before diving into the covers and traveling through a portal lined with billowing white sheets.

The tunnel leads to multiple beds and increasingly interesting scenarios — Harry is seen lying on a giant red bed lined with numerous people, and waking up in a museum, as critics walk around and inspect the art installation he’s now a part of.

And it turns out the video does contain footage of Harry rolling down the streets of London on a giant, ornate metal bed. Fans spotted the Grammy-winner shooting this particular scene in February; he apparently held up traffic as the bed was towed down the street and toward Buckingham Palace.

Harry vanishes from each bed after spending time with its residents. The video ends with him standing on a brass bed that’s plummeting from the sky. Harry finally makes peace with his situation and lays down on the bed, relaxing as clouds race up past him.

“Late Night Talking” is the latest single from Harry’s House to get the music video treatment. After the clip was posted, he took to his Instagram Story to share a behind-the-scenes clip, which teases the amount of work that went into creating the music video.

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