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Happy French Fries Day!

Today we honor one of the most perfect foods on the planet: French fries. The good thing about fries is that the best ones can be found anywhere, from fast food spots and mom ‘n’ pop dives to the fanciest restaurants and bistros in town.

I’m not sure who determined that July 13 should be French Fries Day. I’m going to assume that it was somebody in the potato industry. Who cares? Do you need an excuse to have some fries?

Here’s everything you need to know about fries, including the interesting fact that they may have actually originated in Belgium. Big source of friction between France and Belgium on that one.

And here’s a slideshow from not too long ago by Seattle Met magazine that gives you an idea of where you can get great fries around here, and note that they run the gamut from humble Dick’s to the fanciest place in Seattle, Canlis. So great fries are within your reach no matter what your budget.

What’s your spot for the best fries around here? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.


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