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Hamilton = Big Biz for Dis… Disney Plus That Is

LOS ANGELES - NOV 30:  Lin-Manuel Miranda at the Lin-Manuel Mira
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The Hamilton movie, was an absolute SMASH hit for Disney Plus.  Downloads of the app are up a whopping 74%!


The timing was absolutely perfect.  It started streaming over a difficult holiday weekend mostly devoid of the traditional, large, public fireworks displays.  When you gotta’ stay hunkered down quality entertainment is a must.

Try to find one single, solitary celeb that hasn’t tweeted praise for Hamilton.  It’s a solid phenomenon all over again.

I really wish I’d seen it live as an on-stage performance and was SO looking forward to the production coming to Seattle (stupid coronavirus).

But I’m sure glad my 8 year old whittled down my classic Dad Cheapness and convinced me to take the Disney Plus plunge!

Just don’t tell him I said that.  Please… I’m serious.