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Green Pup?

green pup

A labrador puppy born green takes the internet by storm.

A green pup who became an internet sensation shortly after coming into the world is just over a month old in his forever home.

Hulk, named by his parents for his color and little temper, is slowly losing some of that green that surprised

everyone when he was born.  There is a reason for this and they tell you about it in the video!

It’s being replaced by white fluff.

I never thought it would have been so popular, just a sweet little guy that had a unique coloring at birth,” Shana Stamey said.

In just a few more weeks, Hulk’s siblings will be ready to find their own forever homes.

Stamey said they’re keeping them until they are eight weeks old.

Except for “Hulk” he gets to stay with them.

Full Story and Picture: HERE